Replacement Stairlift Batteries Northern Ireland

With professional engineers you can rely on Stairlifts Plus for fast stair lift battery replacement in Northern Ireland

When You Know You Need New Stairlift Batteries:

Depending on the amount of daily use, average room temperature in your home and how you take care of your stairlift – you will most likely need stairlift battery replacement every 2-3 years, sometimes people can get even longer but generally within this time frame it’s recommended to replace them.

There are many factors that can change the life cycle of your stair lift batteries for better or for worse, including:

  • Several people using the same stair lift daily instead of one means your batteries are most likely going to need replacement every 1-2 years as there is more workload each day for the lift.
  • As stair lifts generally use “gel lead acid” type batteries, they do not like the cold! If your hallway or home is quite cold at times for long periods then this can affect life span of your batteries drastically.

If you are based in Northern Ireland and need fast stairlift batteries then please don’t hesitate to call us on: 074 6298 5058 or by Getting In Touch.

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Signs You Need New Stairlift Batteries:

  • The stairlift seems to gradually slow down during the ascent upstairs
  • When going upstairs your stairlift stops and you have to keep starting it again
  • The stairlift won’t work or keeps stopping after one or two trips without a charge

What Areas Do You Call Out To?

We cover all areas throughout Northern Ireland for stairlift batteries including:

If you are in need of getting your stairlift batteries replaced then feel free to call 074 6298 5058 or by sending a message below.

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What Brands Do You Cover?

No matter what type of brand stairlift you have, we cover all brands of stairlifts including:

– Acorn
– Minnivator
– Thyssen
– Platinum
– Handicare

– Otto
– Stannah
– Bespoke
– Brooks
– Bison

– Meditek
– Bruno
– Harmar
– AmeriGlide